For all levels of players

Designed to ensure the most effective grip with the hand, greater power to hit the ball and total control in each phase of the game, relieving fatigue.

Upgrade your paddle with Hesacore

  • Thomas Wilson - Pro Player

    Thomas Wilson is a distinguished figure in the world of pickleball, recognized as a top 10 PPA Pro Pickleball Player. Renowned for his power and remarkable athleticism, he captivates audiences as one of the most entertaining players to watch on the court.

  • Hayden Patriquin - Pro Player

    Hayden is a highly skilled top-ranked PPA Pro Pickleball Player known for his energy and exceptional talents on the court. He is currently playing for the St. Louis Shock MLP team.

  • Jaume Martinez-Vich

    Jaume is a rising star and the 2023 National Championships Silver Medalist and a PPA Pro Pickleball Player. He is currently playing for the Atlanta Bouncers MLP team.

  • Jill Braverman

    One of the most exciting female players to watch, Braverman (aka "Jilly B") has been ranked as high as No. 3 in singles and among the top 20 in doubles. She has captained both her MLP teams, winning one title and one MVP award. Jill also hosts the podcast--"This Pickleball Life". 

How to install Hesacore Grip


    If you are looking for more ball speed and greater ability to generate rotation, Hesacore is the grip for you!


    If you want more precision in your shots and greater consistency of performance, Hesacore is the grip for you!


    If you want to prevent impact trauma and reduce muscle fatigue, Hesacore is the grip for you!

  • Excellent product, gives a much better grip to the racket and makes it more comfortable, installation is simple.

  • The product is excellent! Do the right thing, exceeding my expectations.

  • Definitely gives a better grip. It also makes the hit feel softer, taking some strain off the arm.